Psychotherapy is Myndaniðurstaða fyrir therapya well known profession in the USA, UK and some European and Nordic countries. Main approaches are Gestalt, Person-Centered, Trandata:text/mce-internal,sactional Analysis and Integrative psychotherapies. My approach is “integrative” –  it integrates methods and assumptions of various approaches and aims at personal integration. The term psychotherapy is also used in a general sense, meaning a mental or psychological treatment.

My psychotherapy training

Psychotherapy studies are both on a BSc (3 years) level and as a post graduate Diploma (4 years) with a possible additional MSc year. My program was post graduate and consisted of a theoretical part, my personal weekly psychotherapy 160+ hours), clinical practice work (450+ hours), and supervision (150+ hours). It was an English program run by The European Center for Psychotherapeutic Studies (EUROCPS) (Ken Evans and Joanna Hewitt-Evans) with a study center in Jersey. The training is certified by ECP and grants membership to UKCP, UK’s leading professional body for training and accreditation of psychotherapists and to the main European professional association, EAPa founding member of the World Council for Psychotherapy, WCP.  In my training there was a focus on working with relational trauma such as neglect, abuse and unmet attachment needs rooted in childhood, self-awareness, emotions, dialogue, the therapeutic relationship and therapist´s self-development.Regarding my further training: see “About me.”