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Internal Family System practices – support work with me

Starting the day the IFS way. A great FB group with Karen Locke. Not meditations but short sayings for the day.

Getting to know your parts 11 minutes. Richard Schwartz.  When there is no sound, he is allowing you space to connect with yourself. Just relax … he will be back.

Getting to know your parts 8 minutes. No name.

Getting to know a part 12 minutes. Beth Rogerson.

The Path Meditation 36 minutes. Richard Schwartz. Bringing Self forward, parts relax.

Meditation: to welcome and liberate fear.  7 minutes with Loch Kelly.

Colour breathing qualities of Self with Greta Rossi: video 15 minutes and in writing below video.


Self-Compassion, Loving-kindness and Mindfulness meditations – support work with meSelf Compassion - Kristen Neff on the benefits of Kindness ...

Affectionate breathing 21 minutes. Kristin Neff.

Compassionate body scan 24 minutes. Kristin Neff.

Loving-kindness 20 minutes. Kristin Neff.

Self-compassion / loving-kindness 20 minutes. Kristin Neff.

Self-compassion break 5 minutes. Kristin Neff.

Negative emotions and loving kindness 60 minutes. Michael Sealey.

Self-compassion 18 minutes.  Tara Brach.

Noticing your emotions 18 minutes. Kristin Neff.

Soften, sooth, allow: Working with emotions in the body  15 minutes. Kristin Neff.

Tibetan Buddhist Shambhala meditation: 6 minutes.  Peaceful Abiding – Mindfulness. Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.


About meditation

Different types of meditations – Massimo.

Study (2008) on loving kindness meditation.

Systematic Review (2013)  on effects of meditations.

Systematic Review (2015) on effects of mindful meditation.

Study (2017): Those who meditate seem to have a younger brain.

Is meditation overrated? 2018):  Review of studies.

Transcendental meditation (TM) website with studies on its effectiveness.

Buddhist Tibetan Shambhala meditation: about, how to do and start and benefits.


Various types of meditations

Jon Kabat-Zinn Mindfulness meditation various files.

For anxiety 10 minutes. John Davis.

To be with one self  17 minutes. Anne Cornell.

Walking meditation information and sound file. Suitable for those who have difficulties in going inside.

Tibetan Buddhist Shambhala meditation: 6 minutes.  Peaceful Abiding – Mindfulness. Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.

Colour breathing qualities of Self with Greta Rossi: video 15 minutes and in writing below video.


Before sleepMyndaniðurstaða fyrir sleeping

Falling a sleep 30 minutes. Michael Sealey.

A website with different tracks to help you fall asleep.

Calming distressing emotions 15 minutes. Kristin Neff.


Being connected to societySmiling diverse young people get acquainted in cafe. Smiling ...

Being a part of the community we live in is a part of self-care. Moving alone to a foreign country and perhaps also not knowing anyone here, can be hard. Here you can read about what it was like for foreign nurses to move and work here (2004). My current interactions with foreign nurses indicates that many of these experiences are still similar. Below are suggestions for connecting with people, knowing what is going on in society and links to important public institutions.

Away from home – Living in Iceland: Facebook group.
Foreigners in Iceland: Facebook group.
Away from home– Many groups for specific topics and areas. Facebook groups, list of.
W.O.M.E.N: Association of Foreign Women in Iceland: Facebook support group  and their website.
Living in ReykjavikA Facebook site run by the City of Reykjavik Council.
Volunteering at Icelandic Red Cross: is a good way to get to know your community and people and to contribute.
Friendship from Icelandic Red Cross: IRC offers foreigners several such programs like dog visits, walking friends, phone friends, visiting friends.
Activities free or cheap.


Learning IcelandicSee the source image

Iceland is all about Icelandic. There is no other official language except for sign language. Learning the language is the most effective way in connecting, feeling a part of the society, getting the job you desire and a higher payed one. Study programs are available for different type of learners, in a classroom or online. I particularly recommend the Practical Diploma course at the University of Iceland (1 year, part time) and Mímir school. Links to other schools.

Café Lingua is a platform for those who want to enhance their language skills, a place to increase vocabulary, to chat and communicate in various languages. Connecting via Facebook but meetings are in the University area.
Practice Icelandic: weekly open house to practice Icelandic by Icelandic Red Cross.
Practice Icelandic: several places offer this, some are free of charge (main list and the “Language Practice”).
Reykjavik Language Exchange meetings BlaBla.

The public sector and news channelsSee the source image

Coronavirus Covid-19 in Iceland: official guidelines, information and news.
RUV: The state TV and radio channel. News.
Reykjavík Grapewine is both a news channel in English and an alternative magazine with a focus on foreigners.
The official gateway to Iceland; country, people, culture.
Gateway to Iceland: best on public services and foreigners who live here.
Gateway to Iceland and Icelandic.
Migration development and situation.
The Government and parliament.
Health Insurance.
Directorate of Immigration.
Directorate of Labour.

Pregnancy and after – support for foreign women / familiesNewborn tests positive for COVID-19 in London | Live Science

In the Icelandic maternity care system, foreign women get the same services as Icelandic women. English is spoken by most professionals and interpreters are available on request. However, foreign women often feel the need for more support being in a foreign country, sometimes only arrived recently and not understanding Icelandic.  Support from women who have or are going through the same can be invaluable. If you become a member you can always check within the groups if someone wants to form with you a sub-group that you need.

Iceland´s International Parents Group:  Facebook.

W.O.M.E.N: Association of Foreign Women in Iceland: Facebook support group  and their website.  You could for example send inquiry about pregnancy / parenting groups or suggest they form such groups if none exist.

9 mánuðir (9 months) is a private service for pregnant women. They offer for example courses in English, online now.

Hiking in natureImage result for hiking iceland

Multiple studies support positive impact of walking in nature on psychological distress. A Japanese study  showed reduced sadness and stress, and these studies showed personal growth and well-being.  Read more about the benefits and check also this study.

Hiking groups in Reykjavik area

“Vesen og Vergangur”group has weekly open short trips on Tuesdays at 18.00 hours, free of charge: probably the easiest ones in the Reykjavik area, good to start with.  Additionally there are sub-groups of varied difficulty levels, like “Vesen og brölt group” a committed group on Mondays. Facebook site only in Icelandic.  “Fjallavinir” is a similar but more challenging group. Hike on Thursdays plus a Saturday once a month. Commitment needed, fees. Facebook site in Icelandic. For those who are interested in easy hiking but feel they cannot join such groups, please contact me.

Iceland Touring Association (FÍ) and Útivist

These travel association bring together hiking and nature enthusiasts and are a good way to find local friends. There are day-and weekend trips all year and longer summer trips. These are not tourist agencies. The official language in trips is Icelandic. Information about trips on their websites is only in Icelandic.