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Why online?
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Now while there are physical social restrictions in most communities due to the Covid-19 pandemic, online therapy has become an important platform for providing psychotherapy. With advances in safety and technology, online therapy has been on the increase the last 20 years. Scientific research (see below) is providing evidence for its effectiveness. Maintaining required distance and hygiene is well manageable in my office but I also offer online therapy for those who prefer that. Online therapy is widely used by people who live far away from services, are unable to travel or choose this form for other personal reasons.

Online with me

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I use the Zoom platform. It is user friendly and works well. If a computer is used, there is no need for any downloads or registration but downloading a Zoom app is needed for phones. I send my clients a link to connect with me directly, a few minutes before the session is to start. I recommend the use of computers and the use of headphones for clearer voice and a sense of more closeness. I can also use the Kara platform but a registration is needed for that the day before. I send my clients more advice for preparation in good time before the session. I understand that some people are uncomfortable with meeting online, I help you to deal with that in our first online session.

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Here is information for the general public from the American Psychological Association (APA) regarding online therapy.