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The therapeutic relationship as an important part of healing

Myndani̡ursta̡a fyrir connectionAttachment difficulties can seriously impair our quality of life. It creates difficulties in relating and communicating to others in a nourishing deep way and in maintaining our relationships. Underlying is often anxiety, fear of other people and how they see us because we see ourselves in a negative shameful way. The origin of attachment difficulties is often in childhood and life re-enforces our believes. Here is a good article on how the therapeutic relationship can help to heal our relational difficulties Рwith others and ourselves.

Efficient way to stop criticising yourself

This short cartoon  explains how the critic works and how I can help you to deal with it. Self-Critic can be so integrated in you that you do not even notice it, you think its normal, that this is “you.” But no! you do not need to accommodate it any longer. It is a voice that was created as a result of trauma or unfriendly behaviour of others towards you at some time in your life. Emotion focused theraMyndaniðurstaða fyrir inner criticpy uses so called Chair-Work to shed light on the critic (as the cartoon shows so well) so you can let it go. Self-critisism can lead to depression and anxiety, particularly social anxiety, leading to isolation and  inability to live to your fullest capabilities.  Here is also a good book: Embracing your inner critic: turning self-criticism into a creative asset eftir Hal Stone og Sidra Stone. And an article: Inner Critic: Eftir Sharon Good.