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With the Covid-19 pandemic, online therapy has become an increasingly important platform for providing psychotherapy. It is also widely used by people who live far away from services, are unable to travel or choose this form for other reasons. Effectiveness of online psychotherapy is empirically supported, see below. Covid-19 does though not need to be a reason for online therapy with me as we adhere strictly to the preventive guidelines of the Icelandic authorities.


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I use the Zoom platform. It is user friendly and works well. If a computer is used, there is no need for any downloads or registration but downloading a Zoom app is needed for phones. I send my clients a link by email to connect with me before the session starts. I recommend the use of computers and headphones for clearer voice and a sense of more closeness. I can also use the Kara platform but a registration is needed for that the day before. I welcome any questions and guidance on Zoom sessions. I am aware that some people are uncomfortable with meeting online. If you are, we can talk about that before or during the first session.


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