Practical issues

Myndaniðurstaða fyrir code of ethicsPsychotherapy with me takes place in a dialogue at my private practice at Þórunnartún 6, (Psychology Practise, Sálfræðistofur) 3rd floor, in central 105 Reykjavík near Hlemmur. Sessions are 50 minutes once a week or more/less frequently depending on the individual´s interest, needs and financial capacity. My working languages are Icelandic and English. I offer Skype sessions for people who live far from Reykjavík. My fees for a session are 15.000 IKR. Most labour unions partly refund such session for their members. I am regulated by the EAP code of ethics on confidentiality and professionalism. As a Registered Nurse I am regulated by law and regulations for the conduct of Health Care Professionals in Iceland and the codes of Icelandic Nurses. I attend regular supervision. 

I work with adults in individual therapy

I work with people who are burdened by a lack of self-worth, guilt, self-criticism, anger, shame, loneliness, sense of rejection and oppression. I work with people who experience loss, problems in their relationships (spouse, friends, at work etc), are pained by broken relationships or were trickMyndaniðurstaða fyrir compassioned by a love-scammer. I work with issues underlying addiction and co-dependence.  I work with various forms of anxiety and depression. I help adults to work through childhood attachment trauma of abuse, neglect and unmet needs and survivors of other types of trauma and violence (physical, sexual, psychological) such as bullying.

I work with people who experience existential or identity crisis, are insecure in who they are or what they want in life and guide people who wish to or are making changes in their behavior or life. I am willing and capable of going with my clients into their deep dark parts in a safe, accepting, effective manner.

How I work

My approach is “Integrative” – it integrates methods and assumptions of various (mostly) Humanistic approaches and aims at personal integration.  I promote an attitude of self-acceptaDialogue by Nancy Schon.nce, curiosity, warmth,  understanding, empathy and self-compassion. I work primarily with awareness of self, through understanding, regulating and expressing of emotions and associated body sensations and their interplay with thoughts and behavior. I work with present experiences and explore how they might be affected by the past. I am primarily guided by several well compatible evidence based approaches; Emotion Focused TherapyInternal Family System Therapy and EMDR.  Spring 2019 I will start to offer Clinical Hypnosis. I work through and with the therapeutic relationship within safe ethical boundaries at a pace suitable for each client. I promote collaborative work where I see both me and my clients as active, knowledgeable and responsible participants that change and are affected by the other. I am further guided by Attachment Theory (Bowlby and contemporary), the work of Bessel Van der Kolk (Trauma), Gabor Maté (Addiction, ADHD) and April Steele (Inner Child).  primarily work in a dialogue (talking-therapy) but I also use in-session experiments and homework when appropriate and agreed upon by my clients. I mostly use chair work, focusing, various types of meditation, relaxation, breathing, self-hypnosis, working with parts; traumatic parts like inner child and critic.